Thursday, 17 December 2009


Ten young people from Thanet are on course to pass Sport 4 NRG's first Community Sports Leadership Award.

After completing the 40 hours of practical learning provided by James Gregory & Colin Rouse, part of the council’s Sport Matters team, the group then went on to pass their Emergency First Aid training. They now need to complete 10 hours of volunteering in the community to receive their qualification.

This will help them get back on track for further education or future employment. Sport 4 NRG will help them find a future training or education placement through their local contacts.

James Gregory from Sport 4 NRG said: "To see these lads grow in confidence over the course of this qualification has been great to see. A lot of young people these days have barriers to succeeding academically. If a young person struggles to cope in a classroom environment, they are written off too easily. Learning in the classroom is not for everyone. Instead, we give them the opportunity to learn in an environment they are comfortable with, such as a sports hall, and in return, we get the rewards of seeing them thrive, and turning into great sports leaders. The improvement in both their leadership skills and confidence over the last few weeks has been obvious to everyone who’s been involved with this programme.”

If you can offer these motivated individuals either further sports related training or employment, please contact James on 01843 577728 or e-mail

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