Monday, 7 December 2009


(Thanet District Council Cabinet Agenda 02 Dec)
Thanet Labour Group welcomed this extremely useful and timely grant of £50k from the Labour Government and the thoughtful paper from TDC officers with some constructive ideas on how to use the grant to benefit Thanet retail centres. Cllr Green invited Cabinet Member Roger Latchford to agree.

Unfortunately, Cllr Latchford restricted his remarks to retail problems in Margate, raising fears that TDC's "vision" ends at Margate Town's borders.

Cllr Green expressed concern that this relatively small amount of funds had not yet been enhanced with match funding and was proposed to be spread amongst a number of uses.

Cllr Green supported the consultation with commercial letting agents that emphasised the ‘the state of the area’ is the key feature in persuading inward investment.

Cllr. Green said “The idea of grants for start up shops is good, but there’s not enough money there yet to make a significant difference, it would be about 3 start ups in Ramsgate and 7 in Margate if distributed fairly.

Money for the enhancement of empty shop fronts builds upon the success of “Windows of Opportunity” initiative in Margate which is art on display. However the current proposal appears to rule out artistic or cultural displays, which is curious. I certainly would hate money to be used for vinyl's saying ‘this shop as been cleared up’ – isn’t that the job of the agents and sellers?

I think they could be much braver with it and hand over money to people to put displays of all sorts in or around shops. There are so few community places, no galleries (only commercial ones), few museums, a limited library. Displays could be educational, creative, whatever, things that amuse, inform and interest people and bring the place alive".

Contact Cllr. David Green - 01843 591495

Published by Thanet Labour Group Press Office
44 Northdown Road, Margate, Kent CT9 2RW.

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