Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Online electoral registration available for the first time

Thanet  residents will receive a letter from their Electoral Registration Officer over the next few weeks informing them of the change to the electoral registration system – a move from the old ‘head of household’ registration system to Individual Electoral Registration.
Thanet District Council reports that following a data matching exercise, 81% of residents have automatically been transferred to the new electoral register and will shortly receive a letter confirming that. There are a further 19,452 previously registered residents that have not automatically transferred and will need to take action to be able to vote in future. Anyone who receives a letter telling them they were not transferred can visit to register to vote online.
Cllr. Elizabeth Green, Cabinet Member for Corporate Services said:
“With the general election and local district and parish elections taking place in May 2015 it’s important that all of our residents are able to vote. Many Thanet residents will receive a letter from the Electoral Services team to tell them that they have automatically moved onto the new registration system. However, some residents will be told that they need to provide extra information in order to register under the new system. It’s important that they do this as soon as possible, online at or by contacting Electoral Services.”
Cllr. Green continued: “This is the first time that people can register to vote online and it’s quick and simple. This should appeal to many young people or students, so if you’ve just turned 18 or you’ve not registered before, get online to register to vote.”
The Electoral Commission, the UK’s election watchdog, has called for the introduction of Individual Electoral Registration since 2003 as it will lead to a more secure electoral register.
If you do not receive a letter by late-August contact the council’s Electoral Services team  or call 01843 577500.

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