Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Margate Tennis Club Juniors Raise Over £1000 For Club

Over £1000 has been raised by 15 juniors and nine adults in a sponsored 24 hour tennis marathon that extended to 25 hours with the clocks going  back an hour at midnight.
 The marathon began at 10.00am on Saturday October 26 and continued through until 10.00am the following Sunday morning. “We played through the sun, wind and rain, all day and night for what seemed to be an eternity,” explains Arthur Lawlor, Assistant Coach at the club.  “The early hours of the morning were extremely tough with the heavy rain but still we played through. It was such an achievement by everyone and one of the most challenging but brilliant experiences of my life.”
 The club raised over a £1000 in sponsorship through this event which was organised to generate money specifically for coaching. “With this money raised,” says Club Coach Gavid Vickers, “we plan to invest in new tennis balls, baskets and performance coaching equipment, to help develop the Juniors who worked so hard in raising all the money.”
 Twenty-four club members played through the event in changing weather conditions. Included were George & Sandra Buckmaster, Jake Copper, Kieran Duckworth, Arthur & Michael Lawlor, Paul & Reece Mabberly, Paul Maxwell, Zoe Montellano, Ben Morris, Solene Navet, Aiden Nunn, Ayo Owoborode, John Smith, John Taylor, Craig Trindall, Roy Valentine, Gavid Vickers. Chris Whittingham and Andrew, Craig, James & Lesley Wright.
Players came down to the Club throughout the entire event to support and motivate participants, giving the whole event a friendly and fun atmosphere.
“I came down at 1.00am,” enthuses Club Member Michael Lawlor, “and everyone was still enthusiastic and just as determined to finish as they were when they started, even though they had already been playing for 14 hours.”
 As the hours counted down, the sun set and rose, eventually leading to the countdown in the final minute with everyone on court heavily fatigued and dreary eyed.
 “This has been a fantastic achievement by Juniors who raised the sponsorship money and Juniors and Seniors who took part,” enthuses Margate Lawn Tennis Club Chairman John Taylor. “I and indeed the Club as a whole are very proud that particularly our Junior members should take a leading part in raising vital money for coaching activities at our club.”

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