Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Ambrette to host ‘Flavours of Philippines’ fund raisers

The Ambrette Restaurants in Margate and Rye are to host a ‘Flavours of the Philippines’ fund raisers in aid of victims of the devastation wreaked on the Pacific island nation by Typhoon Haiyan

Each month the two restaurants adopt a different charity to benefit from its fundraising activities and chef patron Dev Biswal was moved to arrange two special dinners, the proceeds of which will be donated to Oxfam and Red Cross, having seen the extend of the unfolding tragedy.

Unfortunately Dev’s knowledge of Filipino cooking was limited in the extreme, so he put the word out to local suppliers and the restaurants 6,500 Twitter followers, to help find someone with first hand experience of the cuisine.

Almost immediately, a local butcher mentioned that the mother of his young apprentice, Nathan Richardson (16), was born in Manila, is a great cook and has a catering background since she moved to the UK in 1988.

Dev immediately contacted Jo Richardson who lives in Ramsgate and the pair began devising the menu which will be served in Margate on 15th December in Margate and 22nd December in Rye. 

“Filipino cusine has evolved over many centuries  from its Austronesian origins and is an amazing fusion of Malay, Spanish, Chinese and the Americas, as well as other Asian and Latin influences adapted to indigenous ingredients and the local palate,” said Dev.

Cooking styles also vary widely between the 7,000 island archipelago, but being from the centrally located Manilla, which has absobed influences from surrounding islands, Jo has helped desiign a menu reprsentative of the major elements of the island nation’s culinary heritage.

The dinners will cost £30 a head, of which £5 will go to victim relief.  The Ambrette’s special events usually sell out and booking is advised. 

The restaurants recently held a special celebratory ‘Taste of Kent’ gourmet dinner, featuring a tasting menu comprised of ingredients of the winners from the Taste of Kent Award for 2013.  Dinners at both Margate and Kent sold out almost instantly, with diners travelling from as far afield as Dartford and Tunbruidge Wells with many staying over night.  The 9-course  tasting menu, costing £49 a head, will again be served on Sunday 1st December, at both restaurants by popular demand. Details at

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