Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Pfizer to close.

The Labour Group at Thanet District Council condemns the decision by the Pfizer Group to close its site at Sandwich in Kent. Cllr R Nicholson, Shadow Member for Economic Development Thanet District Council said, “I am dismayed at this step which will affect a lot of Thanet residents who are employed at this site. Not only that, Pfizer was a good place for our children to seek work, now that will no longer be possible. The loss of 2400 jobs from Pfizer in the Area will definitely knock the area hard and lead to more deprivation for residents and businesses. How many additional jobs and businesses serving the Pfizer site, will go can only at present be guessed at.

This shock, coming on top of the huge cuts in Thanet due to the ConDem government cuts in spending, spell a miserable and difficult time for many in Thanet. So much for the private sector taking up the increasing numbers of unemployed.
We will be watching to see what steps are taken to deal with this emergency, not just hand wringing by Tory MPs and a let the market do its worst attitude. The site will be difficult to clear and clean up, costs in the millions, who will pay for that?

Labour members are calling for proper action to address this situation so jobs, private or public sector come to Thanet and quickly.


  1. So here we go. Let's not offer any sensible comment just the same old tired party political swaddle. Councillor Nicholson should be ashamed of himself but of course he isn't because he doesn't really care. I would suggest that any of our elected "leaders" who dare to take such a party political stance should be disbarred from the forthcoming elections by their national bodies - this is an issue that should transcend such petty squabbling.

  2. I am with Andrew. How much better might it have been if Cllr. Nicholson and his Labour group had offered their full support to the rest of their councillor colleagues on the TDC, regardless of politics, to work together to try to mitigate the effects of this closure. Sadly, with local elections in May, this was too good an opportunity for a bit of point scoring and mud slinging at the ConDems, thus demonstrating the Labour groups total unworthiness for governance. Mind you, I guess it makes a change from them slinging mud at each other.

    We can but sincerely hope that some of our local politicians decide to serve the people they represent, rather than their party interests, and pull together on this one.

    The perpetual sniping achieves nothing, but when added to the whinging in local press and blogs, is enough to make any self respecting firm think very seriously before relocating here.

  3. Thanks Bluenote. Men like this should be disbarred from office

  4. Exactly the same sorts of things would be said in other circumstances by the politicians you support. You are all playing the same game. If these things are said by your lot, you remain silent, or even express support. When they are said by the other lot, you express this sort of outrage.

    That is what deters people from politics and political comment.


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