Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Anti Cuts Thanet
The Red Hall,
Grosvenor Road
Broadstairs CT10 2BT



A fight back against the cuts in Thanet will begin in Ramsgate at 11am on Saturday February 19th.

A stall is being held outside the HSBC Bank in the centre of Ramsgate and the organisers are calling for all people opposed to the government cuts to join them on the day.

Anti Cuts Thanet or ACT is a group set up by people across Thanet to fight the government cuts and draw attention to their impact on the isle.

ACT Member Norman Thomas said: “The government cuts are going to hit the poorest parts of the country worst – and it looks like Thanet is going to be particularly badly hit.
“Thanet is very dependent on public sector jobs and it is full of small businesses which are in their turn largely dependent on the people with those jobs. All this means that the cuts are going to really hurt this area.”

Mr Thomas said there is an urgent need to start organising to fight the cuts now. “In the next few months we are going to see jobs being lost and services being cut. We cannot just wait and let this happen. Our only option is to organise against the cuts.”

“People wonder what they can do, but when people get together, if there’s enough of them, they can achieve great things. It’s important we don’t accept the line that there is no alternative. It’s all about people power.”

“The government argues that the private sector will step in and make up for the cuts in the public sector, but one of the biggest private employers in this area, Pfizers, is closing down. We have to find a new way forward.”

The group is urging people to come to the event in Ramsgate and bring banners and placards opposing the cuts. “We have to make our voices heard,” said Mr Thomas.

Anyone interested in getting involved in fighting the cuts can contact ACT at or join the Anti Cuts Thanet Facebook group.

Telephone 07789 961744. Photo attached of Kent students demonstrating in London.


  1. Well that attracted a lot of comment. Just where do these people think the money is going to come from to fund all these public sectors jobs. Tax the rich, of course, and when they have all gone, what then? This is the politics of the old eastern block and where did they finish up? Meantime the obese in their tracks suits, fag in mouth, waddle up to Tescos to spend their benefit money on more ready cooked meals. What a sad sorry nation we have become.

  2. Oh Anonymous - love your use of stereotype. Tax avoidance depletes the coffers to a far greater extent than benefits. IDS admitted only yesterday that the level of benefit fraud had been greatly exaggerated. So yes 'the rich' should contribute more but above all else the gambling bankers that caused the catastrophic problems this country now faces should pay back NOW. Project Merlin? What a damp squib the Wizard of Ozbourne has produced to provide a smoke screen.

    While the government bangs on about reducing the deficit within an unrealistic time scale so that "our children" will not live with the debt, our children will be living with the personal debt that they will have to take on for the rest of their lives. The deficit, caused by the collapse of banking sector, is being shifted from the country onto the shoulders of the most vulnerable.

    "Fascism should rightly be called Corporatism, as it is the merger of corporate and government power." Benito Mussolini

    Sound familiar?


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