Thursday, 2 October 2014

Cllr Chris Wells

TDC Conservative leader Cllr Bob Bayford has today responded to the news that Broadstairs Councillor Chris Wells has joined UKIP.

‘The defection of Cllr Wells to UKIP is both surprising and disappointing. Surprising because he has not previously indicated any ideological empathy with the right-wing party, and disappointing because he has received considerable support from the Conservative party through his recent financial difficulties.”

Chairman of South Thanet Conservative Association, Lynne Conolly stated: “We were very disappointed that Cllr Chris Wells has defected to UKIP. Over the past three years the Association and his Conservative colleagues have given him huge support during his considerable personal difficulties. Cllr Wells has many strengths - it appears that loyalty isn't one of them.”


  1. Sadly we see elected representatives changing their allegiance without putting it to the electorate. Councillors Worrow. J. and Driver. I. are a case in point. How can they put my point of view if they change from, in Worrow's case, from Conservative to Independent, to Labour, without a mandate to do so? I voted for Worrow. J. as a conservative. A totally wasted vote. A bit like A. Gloag and Manston, lasted less than six months. I wanted him to vote for the Conservative position, he should stand down now, as should Wells. C.

  2. Thanet tories calling others "Right wing" ? Started my day with a smile.


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