Sunday, 29 June 2014

Prospective Parliamentary Candidate South Thanet Conservative Association Announcement

South Thanet Conservative Association Announcement
Prospective Parliamentary Candidate
On Saturday 28th June the Executive Council of the Association shortlisted three prospective candidates to go forward to a final selection by the full membership which takes place next Friday 4th July.  Following this final selection, the official conservative candidate for Member of Parliament for the South Thanet Constituency for the forthcoming election in 2015, will be announced.

The three selected shortlisted candidates are:-
Tony Devenish
Anna Firth
Craig Mackinlay


  1. One DFL,
    one DFS (down from Sevenoaks,
    one DFC (down from Chatham and ex UKIP).
    Where's the local choice?

  2. Which local Tory do you think would be suitable?

  3. Anna Firth looks a good choice to me. And the "not from round these parts" argument is - frankly - laughable!


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