Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Cliftonville Design Code

Thanet District Council is working in partnership with the local community to develop a new Design Code for Cliftonville.
The new code will be a design-focused document which will set out specific guidance on the public realm, street-scene and appearance of future developments. This will include criteria such as the size, layout and type of housing being sought, guidance for commercial areas and the creation of a palette of materials for new buildings.

The code will consider the role of conservation within the ward, including the identification of potential new conservation areas.  It will also ensure that wider programmes of regeneration, such as the £23.1 million Housing Intervention Programme and the Townscape Heritage Initiative scheme in Dalby Square (conservation area) all work together to provide a more holistic approach to the development of the town.
Initial discussions on a new design code took place with the community in November last year (2013) and are now being developed by the council.
A community workshop, facilitated by the Academy of Urbanism, will take place this April, where local residents and businesses will have the chance to directly feed into the development of the code.
In advance of the meeting, the council will publish the findings of five appraisal documents which consider future potential sites for conservation within Cliftonville.
To view the documents from Friday 14 February, go to

Cabinet Member for Planning, Cllr David Green, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for members of the community to be directly involved in how their town develops. Preserving the heritage and important historic architecture of Cliftonville is a key part of the wider regeneration here and we need to ensure we take a holistic approach to how the town develops.
“The design code is set to identify what makes Cliftonville special and to develop a set of guidance that can ensure we continue to protect this special character and to consider how this character can be replicated within new developments.”

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