Monday, 21 September 2009


An Anti-Social Behaviour Injunction has been granted against a resident of a tower block in Ramsgate.

Thanet District Council applied to the courts for the injunction against Louis Bedingfield of Trove Court in Newcastle Hill. It followed reports of rubbish being thrown from the balcony, excessively loud music and general anti-social behaviour.

The court ordered that Mr. Bedingfield, or anyone visiting him, was forbidden from behaving in any way that would cause nuisance or annoyance to the residents of Trove Court, or within the general vicinity of the tower block. He was also forbidden from causing damage to possessions at the home of any other resident of Trove Court. The order remains in force until 11 March 2010 and also forbids Mr. Bedingfield from instructing or encouraging anyone else to cause nuisance or damage.

If this injunction is broken, then he could be arrested. The injunction was served on him on Wednesday 15 September.

Cllr. Zita Wiltshire, Cabinet Member for Community Services, said: "The council will not tolerate anti-social behaviour amongst its tenants and, where there are issues, we will take action, as we have done in this case and in previous similar cases. We have a responsibility to all our other tenants to ensure than their quality of life is not impacted upon by an irresponsible minority. I would urge tenants and visitors to Trove Court to alert the council, if they are aware of any breach to this injunction, so that we can take further action as required."

To report any breach of the injunction, call Thanet Council's housing department on 01843 577262.

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