Thursday, 28 May 2009


Owners of a landmark building on Margate seafront have reached agreement with the council over its renovation.

The council had served a 215 planning notice on the owners of the Arcadian in Fort Hill, requiring them to renovate the exterior of the building, which the owners appealed against. This case was due to be heard in the Magistrates Court, but an agreement was reached in the meantime.

Under the agreement, the owners will have nine months from 18 June 2009 to carry out the required work, which includes renewing any rendering, replacing windows and painting the exterior of the building.

Within 15 months, they will also be expected to reinstate the verandah on the part of the building that faces Turner Contemporary.

Principal Enforcement Officer, Steve Albon, said: "This building is in an extremely important location in Margate and that's why the council has been taking action to ensure that it is renovated. With this agreement with the owners, we're hopeful that work will now start shortly and we look forward to seeing the building renovated by next spring."


  1. Michael, I hope TDC are going to present you with a nicely engraved mouse mat for the sterling work you're doing on their behalf.

    Thanks for the link to POHB - could you also link to
    8 Hours of Peace and Quiet
    if you're not running out of valuable space down the side of your page? If so, thanks. If not, I hateyouhateyouhate you ;)

  2. TDC also need to sort out The Fort Hotel next door...

  3. As requested Michael, your link is now on my blog

  4. Connected Miahael. Thanks for providing such an excellent resource.

  5. Thank you all for the links it is my sincere hope that soon TDC will do this themselves properly.

  6. Very useful service you are providing Michael. Thank you.

  7. I can only ask why it has taken so long to have this stuff done I have lived here 30 years and nothing has been done in all that time, if the council have the powers to get the much needed work completed why take 30 years to get round to it ????????????


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